ICONIX JumpStart Training

When you can't afford to waste your project team's valuable time on classroom examples and have to get your project off to a fast start, ICONIX JumpStart Training is what you need!

What's Involved?

ICONIX JumpStart Training provides focused, intensive lecture/lab workshops that get your project moving immediately. Your company's project is previewed prior to arrival, saving you valuable training time and money!

ICONIX JumpStart Training reinforces the concepts learned in lecture by applying the methods learned to your real project in the lab -- a valuable and practical benefit to your training team. Materials are learned and retained better by the students since it's relevant to the team project, directly applied to the project, and there is no "down time" before applying the information learned.

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  • Instructor-led work sessions where your company's project is modeled as a group.

  • Morning lecture and afternoon lab, allowing for application of materials covered in class.

For a no-cost consultation on how ICONIX can provide JumpStart training for your project, in the U.S. or anywhere in the world, please call us with a detailed description of your training requirements.


JumpStart Training is not a class for uncommitted students or uneasy beginners. Because of the rapid-learning atmosphere, JumpStart Training is ideal for those looking for an intense and highly-focused training course which will get the project up and running, fast!